Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Sexi SCRAPS Project

The term “upcycle” broken down, reveals the root word: cycle ~ which refers to the movement of life, quite simply.  To “up-cycle” connotes an upgrade of sorts; a reinvention. 
I was drawn to upcycle leather because I believe it honors the skin of the animal once again.  

I screen printed an abstracted kelp design onto the leather, and the texture immediately reminded me of Harbor Seals...which is what led to the sleek but plump shape!  
There is a Nordic legend about mythological creatures called Selkies, seals that turned into women when they shed their skins to sunbathe on the rocks.  Selkies were the mermaids of the Norse mythology.  It was rumored that if her sealskin was stolen, the Selkie would remain in human form for the rest of her life.  A fisherman came upon a Selkie woman one day, and managed to steal her sealskin- without it she could no longer recognize her Selkie self, and agreed to be the fisherman’s wife.  Days past, then months and years.  Two children were born to the fisherman and his wife, and though she loved her son and daughter, she was plagued with the sense that something important was missing.  It was on a cold winter night that she went searching in her husband’s cedar trunk for a blanket that she found the sealskin and immediately remembered her true identity.  Kissing her children softly so as not to wake them, she slipped out into the night, and disappeared into the dark waters.
In the morning, the fisherman found the cedar trunk open, the sealskin gone, and he knew…he and his children searched for days, and though they never found their Selkie wife and mother, one lonely harbor seal was said to follow them through the ocean waves on every outing; protecting, guiding…..

Sexi SCRAPS is a division of Sexi Seaweed created from recycled materials exclusively for the Humboldt SCRAPS Pop-Up Boutique.  Though eternally 'Inspired by the Wild', this line will be available in the Jacoby Store House on the Arcata Plaza during the month of November 2012 only!  
Please visit this link to learn more:  http://scraphumboldt.wordpress.com/about/

Monday, August 13, 2012

Consulting the Oracle

I’ve been sending out my psychic sonar and asking the universe for some guidance for Sexi Seaweed. 
When Sexi Seaweed was just a baby, I had to do everything for her- I had to design and manufacture the jewelry, photograph and upload and promote, and sell sell sell.  I had to parent my business completely, because without my complete care, there was no Sexi Seaweed. 
Soon, people started to see my work, and began to invite Sexi Seaweed to participate in events and hang out in galleries and boutiques.  Someone wrote an article about Sexi Seaweed, and then she was featured in a popular blog- she was beginning to take on a life that was bigger than what I had initially created!  My baby’s growing up!
Now, Sexi Seaweed wants to go out into the world, and see what she can make of herself.  I feel like an anxious parent might feel about their child heading off to college-!!  It’s such a big world, and there’s so much to know raising a business….
They say it takes a village, right?
Recently I became a formal member of Ironside Gallery’s Artisan Co-op (corner of 9th and I in Arcata, CA).  Not only is it amazing to see Sexi Seaweed in a gallery setting, with gorgeous lighting and next to such a singular collection of other local fine artists- but being part of an artisan’s co-op is comparable to finding your pulsing place in an exciting network.
Meteor Shower Earrings by Sexi Seaweed at Ironside Gallery in Arcata, CA

 As part of my new formal membership, I was offered a one-on-one consultation from Marketing and Promotions Director at Ironside, Sheba Goldstein.  Prior to the meeting, Sheba familiarized herself with my products, the display, my website, and asked me to consider the following questions in preparation for our meeting: what are my short and long term goals for my business?  Where would I like to see Sexi Seaweed in 6 months?  in 5 years?
Our meeting was nothing short of amazing!  It was extremely helpful to have some outside perspective from an experienced professional, and I would absolutely encourage any artist who is ready to take her/himself seriously to consider seeking advice/consultation before taking your business to the next level.  Receiving guidance with which to create a map for your plan will help you work smarter not harder (forgive the cliché!). 
Sheba and I discussed marketing strategies, display items, wholesaling, and a handful of other subjects pertinent to exactly what I do.  She has also graciously invited me to follow-up with our conversation as things develop with my business plan!  I can’t say enough about finding a mentor who will be generous with her/his knowledge and time- other than that it will have an exponential effect on what you ever thought possible in your business and your life~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Old 'n News

Vintage is a long lost love of mine, and if you’ve known me since The Days of Old, then you already know about one of my most favorite sneaky manifestation stations: the White Elephant of Sitka, Alaska.  There I learned about the delicate ways of Good Thrift Store Karma- and thus I’m out to pay it forward, and share with you the treasures that are just too damn good to pass up!  I will be adding a vintage/up-cycled section to my shop, and expanding Sexi Seaweed to include full attire in addition to jewels and accessories.

*I wrote that first paragraph yesterday, and then ran off to a thrift store and found this:
Just look at this cool little thing!!  Here’s a closer look:
As a kid of the 80's, my first inclination with a new toy is to ask what it does:
 I was so taken by this palm-sized, purple-velvet-lined locket necklace, I could NOT leave without it!  It will play a part in my next photoshoot, but then this fabulous little treasure will be up for grabs!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Metaphors part 2

I was watching a nature documentary about the rhythm in the shifting colors of leaves in a canyon and the changing plumage of birds in a common habitat, and I suddenly recognized fashion as another form of this same discussion.

We’re all attuned to understand our own certain elements of the universe intuitively and without question. 

The patterns that make perfect sense to us become our entire worlds. 
So we look for the familiarity of this language everywhere to expand our intuitive reach. 

This is why we crave Metaphor in our lives.

I think this is part of our drive to adorn ourselves with the metaphors for our lives:
to discuss elements of our experience non-verbally. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Metaphorically Speaking

Today I am alive with metaphors:

While one variable is arguably a metaphor for another-
there are infinite possible patterns and opportunities, which is inspiring in an aesthetic sense-
but what really floors me is the question of why?

Why does the metaphor even exist?
This picture of me was taken looking through a salt water fish tank.
I love how it illustrates the inspiration behind the namesake, Sexi Seaweed!
My enchantment with the sea life is showing on my face, and the coral adorns my head like a mermaid crown.
 I’m at my best when I’m in my element- inspired by the Ocean- and so I create jewelry to remind the wearer of these infinite moments that illuminate us.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Mystery Rock

It is decisively Serpentine.
“…and a nice piece of it, too!”
Have a look:
Serpentine evidently has a bad reputation because in some cases, the mineral forms in such a way that it actually behaves like asbestos.  The Gemologist was careful to explain that asbestos is not a mineral itself; it’s actually a type of mineral formation- and he assured me that he could not see any evidence of that occurring in this specimen.
It got me thinking…an old hippie told me that Serpentine is associated with detecting and warding off psychic venom…
…I decided to mention this to this Gemologist, and he kinda snorted at me-
“Well, there’s none of that bad energy in this rock here!”

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The True Story of How Love Gave My Wings Back

When I lost my close friend in June of last year, my initial shock reaction felt something like what I imagine a bird experiences when it’s lost a wing: a grief-stricken scene running in haphazard loops as one wing flutters the creature in flightless fury….
…I wondered how I might ever fly again without my friend…
…and then I received this commission project in the mail: 
A precious wing.
…instead of a wedding band, she requested an amulet of sorts be created with which to celebrate and commemorate her commitment to her True Love…
And so this is the true story of how Love gave me my wings back.
 First I wrapped the stones carefully onto the wing.  Each gemstone was carefully selected for its energetic and symbolic properties which add meaning and gravity to the piece.
 To honor the beginning of two people’s lives together, the piece was created as part of a Medicine Bag, which offers a sacred space to add to in the coming years.
At the end of this sketch, all I could focus on was how much the ties looked like snakes flirting- it was this foreplay which helped me to realize that the snakes wanted to tie a knot…
So I was inspired to tie a slip-knot: two adjoining knots which traverse the length of the ties, creating an adjustable fit.